Athina Giokarini — Game Designer // Level Designer // Architect based in Finland

Pop Up Game Conventions: Portable VR Gaming Stations // Videogames and the City: Spatial evolution of the Videogame in Public Space

Academic Thesis

The two personal projects that consist my Diploma Research and Thesis graduation project for the dept. of Architecture, are heavily focused on the study of Videogames and the design of the built space around them. They were sortlisted for the departments top 4 diploma projects for the academic year 2015 – 2016

My Research project is an exploration of the public gamespaces that host Videogames, with emphasis on Arcades, Internet Cafes, Augmented Urban Spaces and VR Theme Parks. Following my results, I designed a pop-up space to host VR gaming events, that is Immersive, Responsive, Portable and Scalable depending to different situations and playful experiences. To achieve that I generated a light pneumatic structure that responds to VR stimuli and player activity.

The research and development process was conducted within two semesters and included researching the subject, writing the thesis, developing the concept, modeling the structures using Rhino and animating them in Grasshopper. I was also responsible for rendering, post-production and presentation of all the material, as well as the creation and printing of the accompanying booklet for the projects.

ForStudent Project // Dept. of Architecture, Democritus University of Thrace Date05.2015 – 07.2016
RoleArchitect / Researcher